Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Confession....

I still haven't found where I stashed the in-progress top to Andy's Christmas pjs that I tucked away in November because I ran out of material. I think I might be able to piece together sleeves--after all, it isn't like he's going out in public in the things--but I don't know where I hid it!

Normally, I am the one who has the really good memory and the organizational skills, so this is doubly embarrassing. I have even cleaned the sewing room! (By cleaned I don't mean to imply that you can actually see much of the floor yet, but it is better.)

Who gives someone half a pair of pajamas?????

There are only 2 places I would have hidden something from Andy--my clothes closet or the sewing room. The former he wouldn't really ever have a reason to be in and the latter he'd be too afraid to. So that narrows down the options considerably and yet, here we are 7 months later still without a pajama top.

If I can ever figure out what it is, that is a darn good hiding place!