Sunday, May 16, 2010

Project 38!

It's finally spring here, and I felt the need for a new summer dress.  And, since the sewing room had many, many, MANY options, I was able to make this today
without much bother.  I couldn't exactly estimate how much fabric I own, but let's just say that I've been in some small-town fabric stores with less selection......I'd be thrilled to use up 100 yards of fabric by the end of the year, but then again, I'd like to be taller.  :)

I bought the material several months ago., and was a bit appalled to find
two tears in the material--in the same location but not symmetrical, oddly enough.  If I had caught it in time, I could have put it on the front skirt of the dress & done some embroidery over the top of it, but as it is, both tears are on the back of the skirt, so this will be a wear-around-the-house dress, but since I spend most of my summer in crop pants & sun dresses anyway, it's fine.  AND....
one Monkey Sock is done!!!!!  I think I made the foot a bit big, so they'll be going into the gift bin to wait for someone with larger feet than me.  I'll be surreptitiously checking out everyone's feet before Christmas....

So...I'm just finished Project 38 for the year, and need to be between 41 and 42 by the end of the month.  Maybe time for some napkins or hats???