Sunday, March 25, 2018


Andy and I take turns making Christmas gifts, and while this is going to be his year, we're so much busier now that I'm back to work that it never hurts to be ahead.  And, we have a new house to decorate.  And it's easier to sew a project that one can find than a project one hasn't seen since the first week in the house.  I'm flexible that way.

I finished these a little while ago,
and while we're keeping one, one goes in the gift bin.   And this
 is for us.  I bought this set of fat quarters shortly after we bought the house.  I love batiks.  This one
 is a Christmas gift for some very old friends.  This is a more time-consuming pattern so I don't make many for gifts each year, but I thought they would like it. 

Yesterday I cut out some red peachskin to make some coordinates to go with that poppy jacket.  
My industry dresses pretty casually, but after all the back issues and wearing mostly pajamas, I love dressing up for work.  Not suits--I'm not sorry at all to be out of that sort of industry--but fun clothes. I'm hoping this love of fun clothes gets me through at least 100 yards of my fabric stash in the next couple years......

In previous years, I had counted pants and shirt as an "outfit" and one finished project.  Now that time is more limited, I think counting each piece is fair, so having finished the pants yesterday, I'm up to 6 projects for the year.  Whoo hoo!  50 could still happen, right?