Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Return of Bob & Ron

Bob:  We're here at Chateau Sutton-Goar to bring you continuing coverage of the final push of the 2010 100-Project Challenge.  With 47 days and 13 projects left to go, it may be down to the wire here.

Ron:  That's right, Bob.  As things stand, Ms. Sutton needs to average a finished object every three and a half days to get there.

Bob:  And what would you say her chances are at this point?

Ron:  I'd say better than 50-50 if she sticks to the hat regime.  It goes without saying that lace or cables would be a tragic mistake at this stage in the game.

Bob:  Now wasn't there some expectation of Ms. Sutton finally tackling some advanced WIPs--such as Fleur--to make her goal?

Ron:  There certainly was, Bob, and I can tell you that I've been surprised at Ms. Sutton's obstinacy in ignoring almost-finished-projects in pursuit of new ones.  A smarter game plan would have been to skip the two quilts and go straight to the Project Time Out Bin.  But Ms. Sutton is an unusual competitor.  It's unclear whether she doesn't SEE the easier path or just completely and utterly ignores it, but her unusual strategy may still get her through this.

Bob:  So with 13 projects to go, what sort of activity have you seen from Ms. Sutton this week?

Ron:  We have been seeing some dedication to the cornucopias.  Two are finished, one has the decorative cording partially stitched on, and two more are ready for the cording.  That leaves six that are still waiting for assembly but that are at least cut out.  If she really digs in and finishes the rest of them up, we could see Ms. Sutton hit goal a bit early even.  
Bob:  Tell us about the winter pillow covers--weren't they going to be a fast project?

Ron  They were indeed, Bob, but Ms. Sutton took a surprising turn in deciding to hand-stitch several beads onto each one, which was clearly a mistake with so little time left.  One pillow top out of 4 is done, and she needs to complete all 4 for a finished project.  

Bob:  Truly a tragic move.  Let's hope it doesn't cost Ms. Sutton the contest.  On another note, what are we likely to see from Ms. Sutton today?

Ron:  In an interesting move, Ms. Sutton has invited some girl friends over this afternoon for a crafting day.  Strategically, this could be a good move as there will certainly be some dedicated crafting time today.  Of course, it will depend on whether Ms. Sutton uses this time to finish cornucopias or perhaps a hat, or if she will break stride and work on something much more time consuming, like lace.  As we have seen in the past with Ms. Sutton, anything is likely.

Bob:  And there are numerous lace projects in progress.  Anything that is truly likely to be finished by the end of the year?  

Ron:  There's a Pi Shawl with less than half the edging left to finish, which could be a contender but only with some serious knitting time, which Ms. Sutton just doesn't have at this point.  There's a new Ostrich Plumes Scarf that could be seeing more progress if Ms. Sutton hadn't decided to add seed beads every 8 rows.  The dem fischer sin fru shawl still has at least one entire clue to go, and the new lace cardigan is only at about 10% completion, and would be positively fatal at this point.

Bob:  Isn't that the cardigan I saw Ms. Sutton working on just last night?

Ron:  Sadly, it is indeed Bob.  

Bob:  Let's hope it was just a moment of mohair weakness for Ms. Sutton and that she gets back on form today.  47 days, 13 projects.  Can she do it??????  Keep it tuned here for our continuing coverage of the 2010 100-Project Challenge.