Thursday, March 21, 2013

Stash Flash

It's supposed to be "Flash Your Stash" time on Ravelry, so
meet the lace yarn.  You're right--it's probably not at all smaller than it was a few years ago.  Remember that self-pity purchase over my back in 2011?  Let's just say I seem to believe that lace yarn has magical healing powers.  Ahem..

is the yarn I'm either currently supposed to be using, think I will use soon, or just want easy access to.  Or we could also call it, "two containers of yarn I was just too lazy to sort."  That works as well.

This is about the time that my back decided it wanted no part of lifting pounds and pounds of yarn around, so we're just going to see pictures of the three tubs under the stereo:
and the bags of yarn that love to drop on anyone crazy enough to get close enough to the closet:
and the less-threatening lower shelf:
and these are the worsted weight (non-feltable) tubs and the fingering weight tubs:
which is all I could stand for one day..............