Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I'm still celebrating!

OK, and I'm working on the Top Secret project which I cannot post pictures of until it is done & in the recipient's hot little hands. But Top Secret will require just about HALF the yarn of the Mohair Monster, so it's all good. And it isn't mohair, which is even better.

I need to get back to the Hibiscus for Hope test knit, but I think I have about a week left on the Top Secret project which really needs to get done and shipped--then I can go back & do some edits for the test knit. Which probably works out for the best, as I'm taking cold medicine and math and tiny needles are probably not a good combo for me right now. The next attempt could result in something truly outrageous--like a "willy warmer" or other things my knitting is a bit too G-rated for......

The worst part of the cold (besides envisioning a willy warmer), is that I didn't get my celebratory white chocolate martini to celebrate finishing the Lady's Circular Cape! Dang it! I got a cup full of Nyquil--similar effects, but definitely not the same thing!!! Rats!