Friday, June 8, 2012

Back at Training Camp....

Bob:  We're back at the Ravelympics training camp, where Ms. Sutton is showing tremendous progress on the one-row scarf:
Ron:  I believe she's more than half finished with the scarf, is that correct?

Bob: It does look like it Ron.  From here it looks like she might be even farther along--maybe 65%.

Ron:  Now this is her core training project--any chance this is also her endurance test project?

Bob:  Not a chance.  Ms. Sutton has spent a small amount of time with the mohair sweater, and even some time with
Ron:  Cross stitch, now that is a surprising turn of events.  Seeing such an uncharacteristic move this early--could it be Ms. Sutton is cracking from the strain already?

Bob:  It's hard to say, Ron, but the presence of the slowest possible craft Ms. Sutton has ever undertaken is a bit worrisome, though perhaps she is trying to finish up her "12 threads" for the 12-12s event before the year advances too far.  

Ron:  That could be, though considering Ms. Sutton has never before managed 12 threads on this project in a single year does make one wonder.   Is it dedication or general inability to stay in training that we're seeing here?  Keep it tuned here for all the training updates.