Monday, November 12, 2012

Ha! Ha! Can't Touch Me! At Least Not THIS Year.........

Last year I landed in the hospital the Monday before Thanksgiving, which left me sulky, immobile and feeling sorry for myself just in time to get ambushed by Cyber-Monday sales.  No one on drugs of any sort should be confronted with tremendous deals on fabulous yarn in such a weakened state, and the results weren't pretty......though the yarn is. 

NOT THIS YEAR!  Ha!  I'm ready!  Cyber-Monday, do your worst!  I am cheerfully deleting every email offering to sell me anything as I will not be spending money until November 1, 2013.  Ha!

Of course, that probably means that I should put my credit card in the Witness Protection Program before next year's Cyber-Monday when I will be coming off a year-long personal spending ban and may be in a weakened state, but I will worry about that next year. 

Bring it on, baby!