Thursday, February 25, 2016

I Did It!

Yesterday was my 60th day without buying fabric, so I felt strong enough to stop by Hancock Fabric after my dentist appointment.  If you can believe it, I wanted some buttons. Since Andy's Valentine shirt has dragons on it, I wanted to see if I could find some unusual buttons for it--though ones that can be washed, because let's not be stupid.  I admire a lot of the hand-crafted buttons I find, but for clothing, they just aren't practical.

I was a bit worried, and there was some really great gauze fabric for spring/summer that did catch my attention, but I still have at least THREE colors of gauze fabric in my stash from the last time that happened, and I still haven't quite worked out how to sew with gauze.  I've made 2 projects from it--one successful, one not--and no one I've talked to seems to have any idea how to handle the crinkled/wrinkly texture.  I always prewash fabric, but if one irons gauze, it stretches flat--which means you're cutting everything too small.  Remembering THAT, I made it past the display.

Buttons were 50% off, so it was a good day to visit.  I found some gold buttons with what might be lion heads on them:
 and bought enough for 2 projects.  (This is how the button stash got started).  I also found a back up
 just in case.  Then these,
jumped right in my cart.  I've used these before and love how they look, and they were on clearance, making them 50 cents for each card.  This is also one of the reasons for the button stash.

Since I was there, I decided I would pick up some interfacing for more bowls.  This
is a stiff interfacing which is fusible on both sides, and I have to say that it had better be much easier to work with when sewing that it is when carrying it around, or trying to store it, or I will be forever devoted to nonfusible.  I got a yard and a half, which should allow me to play with 3 or 4 bowls.

I also picked up two shorter zipppers.
I have a pattern for little zipped pouches in a free-motion quilting book that I want to try, and most of my zippers were much too long or too short.  I've cut zippers before, but prefer not to whenever possible.

I've been looking for some help with marking, as all of my rulers are for cutting rather than marking, and with the thick plastic, it can be hard to get really accurate marks.  All notions were 50% off, so I found this
which I think will solve a few of my problems.  I love sewing gadgets, but the ones I love best are the ones that have more than one use.

I did let myself browse patterns as McCall had them for $1.49 each, and I came home with 4:
I've been very pleased with the Palmer/Pletsch series, so I think these will be pretty useful.  And then I left!!!!!!!!!  More than I went in for, but I still feel pretty good about things.  50% off notions could have turned out VERY badly for me.  Heck, being ME, just being IN a fabric store could have turned out very, VERY badly...

I did a little sewing yesterday, but nothing that is easy to show.  Both shirts are moving along,
or were until Theo decided to help:
and apparently Andy's shirt makes a nice spot for a bath:
Andy is, of course, thrilled.  Of course, this pretty much put an end to progress until I lured Theo to the sewing table
by telling him that what would REALLY hold up my sewing is if someone chose to nap on a piece of spare fleece.  It works every time.....

The stiffener is helping a lot, but the more I handle the fabric, the more it wears off and the true, hideous nature of the fabric comes out:
like maniacal raveling.  All the pieces of the tunic are attached and I have just the hems left on it.  Andy's shirt is more complicated, and as the fabric doesn't do "crisp" edges when ironed, I've been edge-stitching everywhere.  I even did the buttonholes today, as I thought I'd better strike before the stiffener wore out any more. Thank heavens I'm not foolish enough to try a zipper.  I am hoping to finish them both by the end of the month, and the tunic is really close.  Maybe if I bribe myself with a nice, normal cotton project as soon as I finish both of these....?