Monday, January 25, 2010

Trying Something New

For Valentine's Day, Andy and I have made it a tradition to make each other gifts.  So far the tradition is also that we don't actually manage to get them done BY Valentine's Day.  BUT, in a fit of forward-thinking and being-on-top-of-things (which I can only guess is a leftover effect from the cold medication as it is so obviously not a part of my nature), I started Andy's gift yesterday.  Any guesses?

That's right....pajamas AGAIN!  I promise, I really don't have a monomania for pajamas...well, maybe...but these are cotton and will be short sleeved, so they should be nice for summer.  My little sidekick felt the need to help as usual, until I distracted him with an organization project that must have looked like more fun to interrupt

The pajamas are all cut out....and I haven't lost any of the pieces!  I hope to distract Theo enough to start sewing them tonight.  After all, the Ravelympics start on February 12, and if I'm going to do something crazy like knitting a whole sweater, I won't have time to be sewing.....or probably sleeping, come to think of it......