Friday, August 2, 2013

Meet The WIPs..........

Okay--I was looking through my knitting pile, and have decided I'm really going to do this.  With only 21 WIPs now, it isn't the worst I've ever been, but there is some really good stuff in that pile, and unlike previous times, most of them are not there because of any problems,  The oldest is one is in there
because since we moved into this house, I've never been able to locate the extra yarn and the sweater at the same time.  It's a quite adorable toddler sweater, and the yarn is lovely to work with, and I think this time I have it narrowed down where it all got to and--even better--think I can locate it.

Two more:
are actually the backs to the exact same toddler sweater, but in different sizes.  I think I still have the rest of the yarn for the cream one, but the green one is doubtful.  It's Lion Brand Wool-Ease, which is usually not too bad for dye lot issues for their major colors like these, but that still means the green one doesn't have much of a chance right now.  I'm not breaking my cold sheeping streak for it just yet. 

The next oldest,

ran into some problems with the pattern.  I encountered a problem with the neck--I forget what, exactly, but I think it's fixable.  This is sort of a strange yarn--it looks like a whole bunch of threads just coaxed into all going roughly the same direction.  But, it was a very cute pattern and I think I could get it done fairly quickly.

Those are the only ones still left from the first WIP-marathon in 2008.  My next oldest WIP,
is the Kauni cardigan and was started in 2009.  It's a fun knit and I still love it, but the yarn is wool and it always gets put aside in hot weather.  BUT if I am going to finish 15 WIPs in a row, I'll be knitting in the winter, too, and could even finish this in time to wear it this winter.  The body is at the neck divide, so it's more than half finished.  I didn't work on it this winter because of the pain medication--it's not a difficult sweater, but still best to do with a clear head.  I still LOVE this sweater, and now that I pretty much have to stay off pain meds, the more interesting knitting can happen again. 

The next WIP,
is Elizabeth Zimmermann's February Baby Sweater.   I think it's farther along than this, but this is the last picture I have of it.  I started it in 2010 and have no idea why I stopped working on it, but it should be a pretty fast knit.

Unlike the problem child:

This is a pi shawl from 2010, and I had gotten to the edging and am even more than halfway done with the edging, when it ran into two problems:  one, there is a hole at the very beginning of the edging from being drug around in a knitting bag too long, and number two, I made it too small.  Both problems are fixable by frogging the edging and either doing a bigger edging or doing some more rounds on the shawl, but I put that aside while trying to finish my 100 and then 111 projects.  I still love this shawl, and without insane project goals, I can finally settle down and finish this--maybe even to wear by next summer.

The next-oldest WIP,
is a delighful mohair jacket that has been languishing mostly because no one in their right mind would knit mohair lace while on pain meds.  It's a fun pattern, though, and I've added beads to the edging, so there's even an additional reason to play with it.

The next-oldest WIP is a secret (which explains why it is taking so long), but the next-oldest is
a bow tie started in 2011.   The pattern wasn't working out, so I've modified the pattern, and I think just got frustrated with the whole thing and couldn't decide if I would continue with the project or not.  Potential for the frog-pond.  

is the mohair jacket that was the first sweater started for my attempt at 12 sweaters in 2012.  It was banished during the sleeves because the yarn was having to be sliced every two or three rows, and I was getting so angry with it that my gauge was getting too tight.  but the back is done, the sleeves are in progress, and I think I might finally be able to stand to finish the thing.

Next oldest,
is the SECOND sweater attempted for my 12-in-2012 sweater project.  It's down to the seams and the collar.  For unknown reasons, I had actually picked up stitches for the collar, but I had done it without marking for buttonholes AND on the wrong size of needles, so I ripped that back and it has been languishing ever since.  As I remember, I think the pattern didn't call for buttons, but I'm modifying it, which was definitely not something to attempt on pain medication.


a shawl from a very beautiful but a very must-pay-attention pattern that lost out to more mindless knitting.  I think it will be a fun project--and since it's in sport weight yarn with large needles--ultimately a rather fast one for lace.


a complicated aran vest in fingering weight on size one needles started in July of last year and intended as a 2012 Christmas gift for a friend of mine.  Some days I really crack myself up.  Let's try for a 2014 Christmas gift...........

Next up,
a mohair shawl that has actually gotten a fair bit of attention until the heat derailed it.  I love the look of mohair, but it is really the worst thing to knit in the summer.


the next-oldest and current favorite is in Grignasco's Bambi yarn, which is a merino wool that feels like cotton.  I adore this sweater, and without the pain meds, it's a fun knit. 

a beaded lace scarf for me.  Fun but slow knitting.

the delightful March Madness sweater started this year and already more than half done.  I love everything about this, but being wool it was not fun to work on during the blistering heat this summer.  Today is only supposed to be 83, which is our first day under 90 in probably 2 months, and there are only a few more days of 100+ temperatures predicted, so maybe our most brutal heat is behind us for the year. 

a pair of socks for Andy, already at the first heel.  

the acrylic shawl just started in June and already at the lace edging. 

and the final WIP,
the latest colorwork ornament, which I'm going to count as a WIP because colorwork isn't my favorite knitting and I may need encouragement to finish this one. 

I'm going to push myself to finish or frog 15 WIPs in a row, which would get me down to six WIPs--possibly my lowest count in 10 years.  Ornaments won't count as breaking the streak as they have to happen, and to get there will take me well into 2014, but I could end up with some really great stuff by the end...........

Wish me luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!