Friday, February 29, 2008

The Year of the Stash - Month TWO Down!

I'm on track!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Two months down and 2 knitting projects & 2 sewing projects done!

For those who have known me for any length of time, you'll know that my project optimism runs WAY ahead of my project reality, so this is a very exciting moment for me--and, frankly, one that may never come again.

The Pi shawl is done, blocked and furred:

I ended up making up an edging for it as all the edgings I kept trying didn't work with the color striping of the yarn. Variegated yarn looks wonderful in a ball, but it's a bit challenging as a real garment. Thankfully, I sew, so when I figure out what on earth one wears with a tie-dye lace shawl, I can make it. Unfortunately--I don't know what that is yet.

This is all that's left of the 1760 yards & 4 balls I started with:

(my center-pull yarn ball sort of threw-up) It didn't physically take a lot out of the stash, but using up 1500 yards of yarn did a lot for the stash mentally. Well, I don't think it did anything for the stash mentally, but it did a lot for me mentally--it pays to be precise on these things. The stash already has a room of its own--give it mental powers and there will be absolutely no living with it.

Having had a very long week, tonight I went in for some "cheap thrills" knitting:

Oh yeah baby--those are size 10s and they're REAL!!!

Of course, even a cheap thrill takes a little effort, such as locating the yarn in this:

which translated into this when it was taken out of the shelf:

I'm torn between marveling at the overwhelming size of the stash (this is just one shelf) and being REALLY impressed with how much yarn the shelving holds. Next time my husband is our for the evening I'm going to measure that closet in the back room....

The poncho is progressing...
which you could see if I could ever get a picture of the poncho--or any knitting--without Theo on it.

The only thing he'll leave alone:

Even cats go in fear of pointy sock needles. Now if I could just get him to understand the connection between candles and singed whiskers.....