Monday, May 16, 2016

Me Made Monday

I wore this dress today:
which turned out to be a little chilly.  I was able to close the store right at 6:00 and get out of there shortly afterwards, and had thought I might get some sewing in, but I went for a two-mile walk after dinner and that was the End of the Energy.   Not quite as bad as yesterday--after we visited a friend in the hospital, I came home and slept for two hours.  I just don't quite have the stamina for work just yet.  But that meant no sewing over the weekend.  The butterfly jacket is SO close to being done, and if I maybe got a quick dress or pair of pants cut out over the weekend, I could still reach 100 yards of fabric for the year.  Maybe even 150, right?  Because it's only May and I'm still allowed to be delusional for at LEAST 5 more months.......................