Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ravellenics - The Wrap Up

Bob:  We're here at the end of the 2012 Ravellenic Games with Ms. Sutton, who finished her third knitting games with 9 medals--certainly a personal best.  Ms. Sutton, how are you feeling after such a performance?

Toni:  Well, I'm certainly pleased to have gained 9 medals--that's exciting.  I was, of course, trying to finish a few more WIPs and would have liked to have reached 10 medals, but with work and the garden and having company for several days during the games, I'm pleased with what I did get done.  

Ron:  Now during the last part of the games, you did branch out into some other hobbies as well--finishing your 13th thread for the year on the never-ending cross-stitch and some new embroidered Christmas ornaments and towels.  Was that a strategic move or were you having trouble concentrating?

Toni:  I think I was starting to lose a bit of steam in my knitting, and nothing is more motivating to me as a knitter than to remind myself that there are even slower hobbies than knitting.  Two cross stitch threads and even fair isle knitting starts to look crazy-fast.

Bob:  And the machine embroidery?

Toni:  That's a bit of a different story.  With the back problems this year and the sewing room project, last weekend really was the first time I've been able to spend some quality crafting time in the sewing room, and the machine embroidery lets me knit while the machine is working, so it really didn't slow me down too much.  Not nearly as much, in fact, as not being able to FIND one of the closest-to-finished WIPs that would have possibly been that 10th medal.
Ron: Any thoughts on where the missing WIP might be?

Toni:  Well, since both "cleaning" and "organizing" were involved in its disappearance, it could truly be anywhere.  I think I can narrow it down to being IN the house, but I'd hesitate to be more definite.  

Bob:  With the games wrapped up, what are your new plans?

Toni:  As you know, I still have the 12-12s challenge to meet, and while I think I'm on track over-all, some of the more time-consuming categories are a bit behind.  I'd also like to hit my record year for stash usage, and with this
finishing off a 603-yard ball of yarn--not to mention becoming my 11th washcloth for the year--I think it could still be done.  I'm perhaps a bit behind, but I just need to use up 7066 yards in the remaining 4 1/2 months to break my previous record of 19,183.  Ideally, of course, I'd like to make it past that 20,000 yard mark, but even 19,200 would be a new personal best.

Ron:  There have been some destashed yarns this year, so if you are going to cross that 20,000 mark, this would be the year.

Toni:  Exactly.

Bob:  So how exactly do you explain this new lace weight project we find in your bag?
Toni:  No comment...........