Sunday, September 6, 2009

Project A Month "Club"

I have enjoyed the "Project a Month" idea so much that I have decided to continue next year, so a couple weeks ago I packed up 12 sewing or knitting projects: I thought I would do it early so I would definitely not remember what was in them by January, but I've already lost track so that was easier than I thought.

I've also been bagging up "extra" projects in big bags:because my stash is big enough that in slightly more cases than I am willing to admit to, I have forgotten what I bought a particular yarn or fabric for. As you may remember, my goal next year is to FINISH 100 projects, so I thought it might help to have "ready to go" projects. Often when I want to start something new it takes so long to browse the stash that the urge to start something dissipates before I've decided on anything. Currently, this is a GOOD thing, but will be a problem next year. So, I just have to reach into the bag & go.

And as a side benefit, it turns out that I had ideas for some REALLY great projects, so I'm pretty excited about these bags. And I don't think that's just because I'm doing the Double Dog-Dare WIP marathon right now......


I have passed the 10,000 yards knitted mark!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The January aran almost has one full-length sleeve. Well, okay it almost has 2 full length sleeves, but only one is on the needles right now. I'll fix the other one later.

The steeks are sort of freaking me out, so last night I did a little hand-sewing reinforcement of where I'm going to cut for the front. I'll still sew it on the machine, but this is "just in case."

I may not be cut out for steeks....