Tuesday, October 1, 2013

One More Month!!!!!

My buy-nothing challenge started November 1, so I am a month away from getting to buy things.   YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not yarn, though.  In the Stashdown Cold Sheeping thread on Ravelry, one of our lovely members has created badges for each cold-sheeping milestone, now up to 1 year, 9 months.  The wonderful thing about these virtual badges is that I want those babies more than I want any yarn I have seen.  So, I won't be buying any yarn--probably best since I've knit so little of my stash up this year.

I am, however, making a list.  I have been working on it all 11 months, really.  Little things I've noticed I didn't have--white baby rick rack, fusible webbing--things I have run out of--white machine embroidery thread--and things I'd like.  The last category gets a great deal of scrutiny, and many things have been moved off of the list because the original emotion is gone. Lots of things won't make the cut because they just aren't worth a one-year wait--and really, what things really are? 

I am getting very excited about being able to buy things, but not excited about parting with my newly-flush savings, so I think I might even manage some moderation.  And if I restart the buying ban on January 1, I could save up even MORE.  Good heavens--have I found a new obsession.......................?