Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Aha! There Has Been Knitting Today!

OK, I had my to-do list all lined up for the day......and most of it didn't happen. Want to know what did happen? KNITTING! That's right--I actually sat down with sticks and strings and added some length to the August scarf while TOTALLY IGNORING my list.

Which is all my book club's fault.

I have been a member of a book club for around 10 years. At first we were quite diligent & even did some research on the books or came to meetings with printed discussion questions. Then as we grew closer & started experiencing more life events together, the book discussions grew shorter, the meetings moved to evenings in order to accommodate wine, and personal life discussions took center stage. Then for several years we became "The Group Formerly Known As Book Club," which was perhaps more appropriately named but less diligent about getting together. I think it struck us as odd to have regular bi-monthly meetings to NOT discuss books. This summer, however, we have revived with a new-found vigor and are attempting MONTHLY books--a feat never before attempted by this group. We are on our second book, and I have sworn to get it read by our meeting in 10 days because I actually like this book--Pat Conroy's Lords of Discipline--though I feel it is about to start giving me nightmares, and after suffering through the first book, The Shack, which I did not care for, I want to make sure I read this one. Of course, being the avid knitter, I immediately obtained the audio book so I could knit as well, and was a bit stunned to discover it's an 18-hour audio book. I think I have about 10 hours left, so I planned to set aside an hour a day, but then today the foreshadowing started, and I know something bad is going to happen, and since I don't have the actual printed book I can't flip ahead to find out what it is (which I often have to break down and do when my stress level starts causing me to grind my teeth and give up sleep to finish reading--being incapable of moderation in anything), I have been glued to this darn book most of the day. On the knitting front, I'm about 60% finished on the scarf. On the book front--I still don't know what the BAD THING is and may be staying up to an insane hour knitting and worrying about these characters.

Am I the only one that gets this obsessed about books? I had to give up reading before bed because it was causing me to consistently stay up much too late and be too anxious to fall asleep. I love James Michener books, but can only read them about every two years because his books generally span hundreds of years, so his main characters can and DO die, and this causes me so much stress that I am a quivering, neurotic mess by the end of the book. I don't think this is normal behavior. Of course, I don't think having 64,000 yards of laceweight yarn is exactly "normal" either, so perhaps I need to lower my standards just a bit.......

....and turn my audio book back on......