Saturday, February 23, 2013

Not So Much Finishing Friday

I'm recovering from the fall fast enough to know I didn't do anything serious, but it still hurts enough to have stopped any real sewing for a few days.  I felt pretty good Friday morning, so we made a quick dash to a library book sale then stopped for lunch, and that seems to have been the limit for my back for the day.  So, no sewing projects, but......

remember these?  
Tada!!!  One is now empty!!!!!!!!!!!  The bigger pieces have been sorted out and added to the stash,
and the smaller cotton ones,
have been ironed and are now being cut into backs for the quilted ornaments AND 3-inch squares to attempt a patchwork quilt.   I've never done one before, but I keep hanging onto scrap fabric,
and it's time to either use it or throw most of it out (one always needs scraps for serger testing and that sort of thing).  I think this will be a fun experiment, and I am hoping the results will be some colorful baby blankets.  I tend to favor bright colors, so they will be vivid quilts, but they'll be fun.  I'm also thinking a larger one would make a great picnic blanket...........:)