Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I'm Holding Strong!

Technically, I could cast on something new today, and I don't really have any good "stoplight" knitting.....but I'm trying to hold strong. I decided it wouldn't hurt to move one of my WIP Wrestling entries a little farther alongThe Luna Moth shawl has 4 1/2 pattern repeats, and I just finished repeat number 3, so it's getting close. And the most marvelous part--NO EDGING!!! Theo thinks I'm cheatingand doesn't condone such behavior. To make amends, I did some sewing while he guarded the material for the next project--some summer clothes for Andy. Around here, our clothes are furry even BEFORE they're made.

I also did a few rows on the Kimono Shawl, which has now become a Top Project because it's just about the only thing I can work on without having to consult the pattern for every row.
If I can just make it past today without going near the yarn closet.......