Sunday, March 9, 2008

Monogamy is for Marriage

Not for crafting. This week I finished the "stop light sock," so named because it spent its formative days on the passenger seat in my car waiting for long stoplights and slow traffic to get attention. I don't exactly know when these were begun--the mate has been sitting on my desk for a few months now, so besides the sheer joy of adding 459 yards and 1 ball of yarn to the Year of Stash tally, I can quit having to explain why there is one sock on my desk.

This weekend we took a quick trip to Las Vegas, and the Lady's Circular Cape from Victorian Lace Today, started back in January, was the lucky traveling project.

I made great progress, and in fact, I was quite nervous on the way home--I almost ran out of yarn!!! This from the woman who took 5 extra balls of yarn along on her honeymoon!!! You can imagine my stress when we were sitting in the Las Vegas airport & heard the news talking about snowstorms in Ohio causing flight delays. Flight delays could mean the possibility of being without knitting!!! Luckily, we made it home with just a few yards before the calamity occurred,

Sensing my distress, Theo immediately held the yarn for ransom until he received some attention & cat food.

I'm going to spend the afternoon surrounded by my stash--the thought of being yarnless has just completely unnerved me....