Tuesday, February 26, 2019

More Spicy Spirals

So the fabric stash is large.  I don't know the exact size, but I'm pretty sure there are small quilt shops with less.  It would probably help to use some of the more space-consuming fabrics, but I'm working on more spicy spiral runners.  I'm trying three at a time, and two are fully cut out and in process of being sewn together, but I keep running into furry snags on the last one...
 Each one is made from a set of 8 fat quarters, and I remembered having two of the three sets.  We'll call this "mental stash" because I am using up stash I didn't even remember having.  Or buying.  Astoundingly, I don't even remember ironing these, and I must have as they were prewashed.  This tendency is going to make sorting out the sewing room full of surprises.............:)