Tuesday, May 13, 2008

It's Finally Happened.....

Last night I was up until 10:30 (which is really late for us since we get up at 5:00AM) working on the "Fling" scarf--not because I was getting close to finishing it or had a deadline looming, but because I wanted to finish up the ball of yarn so I could change my tally on the side.

It's obvious--The Year of the Stash has done away with whatever shreds of rationality I had left.

At least last year my all-consuming goal was number of projects completed, which is a little easier to understand. Staying up late to finish a SWEATER sounds a whole lot better than staying up late to finish up a ball of YARN!

And yet, all I can think about now is finishing up 3 more balls of yarn to hit 50.....and maybe I'll even get a scarf out of it.