Monday, December 17, 2007

Gearing up

In the euphoria of just having survived the month long "can't buy anything new" project, and having a solid wall of stash facing me each day, I have decided that 2008 will be THE YEAR OF THE STASH!

That's right--no new yarn or fabric purchases--just projects made from The Stash.

I am giving myself until January 1 to prepare--finding the matching material to bind the quilt from my class, getting a few things tucked away for "must do" gifts next year, but my "preparation allowance" is limited. Embarking on a "stash year" would lose a little if it was kicked off with a $500 yarn & fabric shopping spree. Might be a good way to end it, though.....:)

Today's acquisitions: black fabric to make more Halloween trick-or-treat bags like the ones I made this year:

I also picked up more felt in case I feel the insane urge to make another puppet kit this year. New way to irritate people: take 7 large bolts of felt up to the cutting table and ask for 12 inches from each one. Pretend not to notice the sales clerk's glare.

And winging it's way to me is some cream-colored worsted wool for my January Aran cardigan for the EZ Knit-a-long. This may be one of the only projects I do from the book this year as it's hard to follow a set of patterns AND not buy new things, but I needed a new sweater at my office. Unfortunately, it probably won't be finished until spring. Ah well--faster hobbies may not be as satisfying. If I ever try one, I'll let you know.

14 days to go!