Sunday, June 2, 2013

Seven Months And One Day.....

It's now been 7 months and one day since I bought any yarn, fabric, thread, or other craft supplies.  I'm sort of proud of myself--which I can't say very often when discussing the purchasing of yarn or fabric. 

I have made two overall spending exceptions this year.  The first was the book for the Great Discussions group--technically the $20 covered the book and the dvd for the group, so I still view it more as a fee for the class than anything else.  The second exception is a new pair of sunglasses.  Mine broke about 5 years ago, which was bad enough, but now that I have new contacts and am wearing them more often (like, as I'm actually supposed to), and contacts tend to make eyes a bit more sensitive to light.  I did think about it for about a week, but I decided eye damage in pursuit of a spending ban was taking it a bit far even for me.

And why I can't do moderation in any form:  as soon as I made one exception, I immediately wanted to go on a mad shopping spree.  

I was even at the mall, and generally speaking, if there is any place that makes me whiny and desirous of leaving, it is a mall.  I loathe them--the artificial lighting, the crowds, the overwhelming blaring of retail ads....they're sort of close to my own personal version of hell.  But I visited two more stores of my own free will, just because I was in the mood to buy things.  I'd made one exception--why not go wild?

This is why I Cold Sheep.  I just don't seem to be able to Lukewarm Llama.........