Saturday, September 14, 2013

It Was a Good Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday, and aside from being incredibly sore from a NEW spot getting therapeutic massage on Thursday at physical therapy, it was great fun.  We had intended to go to a concert at the botanical gardens on Thursday night, but between rain and not being able to sit down again, we postponed that for
and a heating pad.  :)

Yesterday Andy started my day off with breakfast in bed, 
and I can't really think of a nicer way to start a day.  

We originally had other plans, but my hip was so tender that any clothes but pajamas hurt, so I spent most of the day sewing.  I finished up the thread bowl experiment,
and will try soaking and shaping it later today.

I also finally found a solution to the rope-bowl finishing problem:
 Elmer's glue!  It stiffens the fibers enough to not fray, but it's not visible once I rub it in and let it dry, so
I finished the first bowl! 
 Obviously in most circumstances, this rope is much too big and makes no sense, but a lot of our friends are from kayaking, so rope bowls are just funny and totally appropriate gifts for our more outdoorsy friends, and is a good way to learn this.  Andy gave me,
so I'll be branching out as well.  This book says to NEVER use anything but cotton clothesline, but the book from the library said anything that didn't have plastic was fine, and I think the red make a really cute bag. I may have a new addiction.  
The other exciting news yesterday:
I had decided that when my year of not buying crafting stuff ends on November 1, I was going to buy a dressmaker's dummy.  I had thought about making one of the duct-tape ones, but after two years of back problems, I weigh more than I usually do and certainly don't want to commemorate THAT in duct tape.  And I don't always just make clothes for myself, and after looking at reviews and checking them out in stores, I had picked one out and had it in my cart on Amazon.  As it turns out, just the idea of putting things in an online cart gets me past week moments in the spending ban, so I've been adding and subtracting stuff all year, but this I knew I was going to order.  Then last weekend, while removing a bunch of stuff from my cart, I found that this had temporarily dropped in price by $25, and after thinking it over, I decided to go ahead and order it as it wasn't an "impulse" buy nor one of my "problem" areas (books, fabric, yarn, notions).  Originally I was just going to put it away until November 1, but then I got a notification that it would arrive on my birthday!  So I decided it could be a birthday present to myself.  So, I am now the proud owner of a dressform, who has been assembled and has taken up residence in my closet, and sometime this weekend she's going to help me finish the floral jacket
 just in time to be put away for spring.  I think I need to work on my timing...................