Friday, April 8, 2011

The Second Quarter Stash-Dash

Knitting through one's entire knitting stash is a bit daunting if one has a large stash, but what if one had a small, manageable stash?  Or, in my case, lots and lots of small, manageable stashes?

To sort of re-motivate myself and my Cold Sheepers, I have challenged them to a second quarter "Stash-Dash."  The idea is to fill a box, basket, or bin with the amount of yarn one feels one could reasonably knit by July 1, and knit it all up by July 1.

Yesterday I put together this:
which, aside from the skeins already in progress (which will be about 1250 yards of yarn when finished), the basket contains 3226 yards of yarn to be used up by July 1.  It's not as much as I need to be on target for 25,000 yards this year, but it's more than I'm currently averaging, so it is still a challenge.  And if I'm successful, all of this
will be out of the knitting stash!

And thanks to some dedicated knitting today, the body of Andy's sweater is done,
 I've started the first sleeve,
and have already started using one of my stash-dash skeins. I think this should be rather fun, and it's nice to really see things moving out of the stash.  I like the idea so much I might try it with fabric later.  Starting with the fleece projects.............