Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Well, whatever astounding stash progress I was making came to a screeching halt for March.  For the month I used:

Skeins of yarn:   8.25
Yards of yarn:  966.25
yards of fabric:  0

So now with the first quarter gone, I have knit 4,845.3 yards of yarn.  If I can do that each quarter, I'll finish the year at 19,381.2 yards for the year--which would still be my highest year since I started tracking.  That could still be exciting.

Every once in a while I think of being a "normal" knitter--someone who doesn't worry about how many yards or projects in a year, but if there is such a knitter, I haven't met him or her.  Right now I just want to use the fabulous yarn I have--the whole 10 year supply--and make pretty things with it, and having it take up LESS room and weigh on my mind a bit less would be really nice.  Maybe once I'm down to "just" a 5 year yarn supply, I'll look at things differently........