Sunday, August 5, 2012

And Now, More Words From Our Sponsors.........

Ron:  Since--as the knitting world has learned--competitions are for the hawking of products, we pause in our Ravellenic coverage to bring you these messages from our sponsors:

For the knitter who has received "helpful suggestions" that she organize her stash, 
Organized yarn stickers.  Because stash organization is no laughing matter.

And to protect a knitter from rain or overstuffed yarn closets, it's
the black sheep umbrella.  The latest fashion in protecting knitters from falling rain or yarn.

And for the knitter looking for new ways to suck up even more of her knitting time, it's the
 Champion Sheep Rally
sheep-racing video game.  Bringing you the latest in knitterly distractions.  

And finally, for reasons no one has yet to figure out, it's
MusicSkins MS-FOB30040 Guitar Hero Gibson X-Plorer- Xbox 360- Fall Out Boy- Sheep Skin
sheep "skins" for electric guitars.  Um........yeah.

We now return you to the 2012 Ravellenic games, already in progress.