Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Voting Time

Our house has these lovely hardwood floors,
which I sort of have a love/hate relationship with.  They are beautiful, and I love how look.  I am sure they're technically cleaner than carpet, but with carpet one rarely sees tufts of cat-fur blowing through the room like tumbleweeds.  And this floor has even broken Pyrex, which I have dropped on linoleum without breaking, and my favorite Christmas ornament became festive smithereens our very first Christmas here, so the floor is just a tad bit unforgiving.  It also scratches like crazy.  When we first moved into the house, we were really good about being vigilant about people taking their shoes off, but between parties when people just walk in and guests who are carrying food in and can't take their shoes off while their hands are full (and the occasional person who doesn't really care anyway and are on their way to being dropped from invitations anyway), we've grown a bit lax and our floor has just taken a beating.  If it was just wear and tear, I wouldn't really be that concerned because I like our friends more than the floor, but the scratches really damage the floor, and it's going to be expensive to have to refinish.  But, I hate welcoming people then saying--"oh, and you can't wear those shoes in here."  It sounds so militant.  So, I've decided that

1.  I need to include a request for soft-soled shoes or for guests to remove shoes at the door in the invitations themselves.  I have a basket of slippers at the door for people to use if they choose, but standing on this floor in bare feet can REALLY be tiring, so I want to give advance notice.

and 2.  I need to make a sign for the entryway asking guests to remove their shoes.

I've been looking at ideas online, and so far my favorite contenders are:

*  "Abandon shoes all ye who enter" (which appeals to my Latin major/literature dweebiness, but might be sort of obscure)

*  "Welcome--Thank you for removing your shoes"

*  "Please remove your shoes.......feel free to take a better pair on the way out"

I want a sign that is welcoming yet gets people to remove their shoes.  I can do it with machine embroidery and I thought putting shoes actually ON the sign would make it clear (though the first one would also definitely need a dragon).  Which would you go with?

Well, That's a Bit Embarassing

As I've mentioned, every month Andy and I get a personal allowance which we can spend in any way we choose.  We started this about a year after we got married, and aside from the initial difficulties of finding a way for it to work (did you know you can't carry a positive balance on a credit card?), it's worked really well.  And it's this account which is on my spending ban--not our life in general. 

It's just over 6 months now, and aside from haircuts, occasional lunches out, and the Great Decisions group, I haven't spent anything and have quite a tidy sum in my account.  Enough to sort of make me feel stupid that I must spend about this amount every year without really noticing.  I haven't knit all the yarn from my last purchase, read the books from my last purchase, or sewn up the fabric from my last purchase.  I just keep buying more.  No wonder my sewing room is so crowded.  It contains a small fortune............

Ahem...........I'm thinking a second year of this project is a definite possibility.....