Sunday, April 13, 2008

Frogging Month

Remember these from yesterday???
Today we hit a bit of a snag. The pattern said to start the toe decrease about 2 inches before the desired length of the sock, decreasing every other row--which I did (I know--that surprised me, too). The result left me with a sock that was still one inch too short. Now, not every project has to be perfect, but when a sock is already made of a scratchy yarn with dubious merits as a foot covering, THEN develops pattern problems......

Not exactly what I was aiming for this month, but to be fair, it is no longer a Work In Progress.

After that episode, I did not feel I should be allowed around other yarn, so I resumed work on a quilt for a friend's upcoming 50th birthday. I finished the main part months ago, and had been trying to decide what sort of decorative quilting to do on it, but after putting the sashing on it today

I don't know--I think I like it plain. I don't know if it's just because I find it soothing after getting my ass kicked by a sock, or if it highlights the music pattern as is

but right now I'm tempted to keep it really very simple. Thoughts?