Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Sometimes even the most crazed of us have to accept defeat.  Though, in my defense, I must say that had I not gotten sick on Monday, this
might have truly been finished in February.  I did at least finish this
just under the wire, so I do at least have something to show for myself this week.  (Besides lots of napping with Theo).

Yesterday I did pick a new Project of the Month bag to find this:
which involves some of the oldest fabric in my stash
and fabric that I fear might not be of the best quality.  Just as most knitters I have known had to start with cheap yarn before they could appreciate why one would buy expensive yarn, I had to start with cheap fabric before getting this concept in sewing.  So, I am not sure how well this will turn out, but I am going to wash the mystery fabric today and if the dress falls apart after one wearing, we'll call it a "muslin" and celebrate the fact that I have used up 3 yards of old fabric stash.  And hopefully if it falls apart I won't flash anyone...or at least no one I know.