Saturday, October 4, 2014

I Think Things Just Got Easier

One of the reasons for my scary fabric stash is the presence of local fabric stores.  Until Joann Fabrics closed two stores to open one "super" store here, it was my favorite.  The "super" store model is short for "super-long-waits" stores, and they actually knew they were going to be so understaffed and have such long lines at the cutting counter (in a FABRIC store) that they put in a ticket system with a loudspeaker prior to opening.  So, I had switched allegiance to the little, floundering Hancock Fabric store struggling along.  They have smaller selection in cotton, but more apparel fabrics.  So, all was good until Hancock put in a new "upselling" policy.  Now when you get fabric cut--which, you know, means you're buying something from them--you get treated to some product being relentlessly pushed on you.  Lately it's been quilt basting spray, but there's been a magnetic pin thing, scissors, and all sorts of stuff that one generally already has.  Last time, however, I was not only treated to the basting spray push but when I said "no," she moved on to some Nancy Zeiman tool, THEN there was some stupid club pushed on me at the check stand.  That was the last straw--I'm going online or back to Joanns.  Does anyone NOT find that sort of thing seriously annoying? 

So, aside from a few quilting shops that sell only cotton, the temptation of going fabric shopping has been pretty much eliminated around here.  It's either spectacularly long lines at Joanns or the used car sales push at Hancock Fabric.  I used to feel sorry for bricks-and-mortar stores that were put out of business by the online ones, but honestly, sometimes store policies are just so foolish that it's a wonder they weren't put out of business sooner.