Monday, July 30, 2012

Ravellenics - Day Four

Bob:  We're here at the Ravellenic Games on Day 4, and Ms. Sutton has just earned THREE medals with a single Gingerbread Hat:

Ron:  That's right, Bob.  Not only does it earn medals in Cable Steeplechase and the Hat Dash, because this yarn has been in what is known as "deep stash," (owned for more than a year), it qualifies for Synchronized Stash Busting. 

Bob:  This was definitely deep stash, Ron.  Ms. Sutton had actually believed that all of this particular yarn had been used up and had removed it from her Ravelry stash page, so we might call this "subterranean stash."

Ron:  How right you are, Bob.  With the discovery of TWO balls of this yarn as well as the leftover balls from the ABC sweater, Ms. Sutton's stash has actually grown on Ravelry during these games.  This could lead to an inquiry into Ms. Sutton's standing as an effective "Cold Sheeper" for 2012.

Bob:  It does at least raise questions about Ms. Sutton's organizational skills and/or ability to count.  If the games continue to turn up new balls of yarn, an official inquiry will DEFINITELY be launched and her personal credit card may be seized, especially since she continues to moderate the Cold Sheeping thread on Raverly.  

 Ron:  This could have serious implications for Ms. Sutton.  We haven't seen such a yarn-laden scandal since the great Superwash Subterfuge of 1993, which rocked the knitting world in early summer of that year.  We'll be keeping close watch on developments.  In the meantime, Ms. Sutton seems to have moved on to:
which looks like it could be a shrug of some sort--or perhaps a purple alpaca tea cozy? 

Bob:  It's hard to say at this point, though Ms. Sutton's disdain of tea cozies is rather well known in knitting circles, having been overheard to say, "If I'm going to spend my time knitting for a beverage, it sure as h*ll isn't going to be for tea."  I'd guess a sweater seems most likely at this point, as Ms. Sutton now stands at 6 finished sweaters with the 7th month of the year almost over, and she needs to finish 6 more sweaters in 5 months to meet her 12 12s goal.

Ron:  With temperatures soaring to almost 100 here in Boise, that alpaca has to be pretty toasty to be working with.  Any chance Ms. Sutton will change to a cotton or acrylic project if this heat continues?

Bob:  The heat could certainly be a factor during the games this year.  100-degree temperatures may knock the Kauni cardigan out of the games entirely, and certainly raises the chance of a last-minute event substitution.  Hats?  Socks?  Dishcloths?  Ornaments?  There are some much cooler options that we might see if the searing heat continues.  

Ron:  Will the alpaca...whatever....survive the surge in temperatures?  Keep it tuned here to the Wide World of Wool for all the latest developments.