Monday, March 21, 2016

Well, Where Did THAT Week Go?

Hm--it's been a whole week since my last post. How did that happen?

I've been a bit more sore this week (still), though I did manage to get the buttons attached to Andy's shirt:
finished the tunic for me:
started the next project:
which I have been dying to use.  I have loved this border print since I first saw it in Joann's, and ordered 3 yards of it when it went on sale last fall.  Now that I've done a few table runners with 60-degree triangles, I have 3 or 4 different layouts I want to try with this, so the 3 yards might not be such a bad thing.  It did take a while and a bit of Pinterest surfing to decide where to cut, but this was the most popular place:
Did you know how long it takes to cut three yards of fabric into strips?  So, this isn't very far along. 

The BIG achievement of the week is:
FLOOR SPACE!!!!!!!  Since I bought my thread chest, the box it cam on has been next to my tv stand as a place for the cats to sleep (because they're not spoiled at all).  Being the sewing room and right inside the door, lots and lots of stuff ended up on top of it, because it is a seriously sturdy box:
and only those who haven't moved often wouldn't swoon at the sturdiness of this box.  We'll have been here 10 years in July and have zero plans to move, but it's still a difficult box to give up.  We frequent movers never lose that cardboard obsession, it seems.  However, it is OUT of the sewing room, the stuff on top of it has been put or thrown away, and there is one uncluttered spot of floor in the sewing room.  Whoo hoo!!!!

I also did a bit of work on the upper fabric shelf:
which holds a scary amount of fabric, and as I'm not going to get to it all this year, I'm trying to get it all covered up and protected from dust and light.  And to make sure I know what I have. 

 is an odd sort of utility fabric that I got to make Christmas and summer pillows with.  Then there's 4 yards of turquoise poplin:
that goes really well with 6 yards of a turquoise cotton print:
 so I think a "wardrobe ensemble" could be in order here.  I also found some coral cotton sheeting
in a color that matches exactly nothing I own, so whatever it becomes, it needs to be something that doesn't need a coordinating piece.  It's very cheery, though.  However, what I really wanted to find was this:
which I had a friend pick out to make her a dress several years ago, and I've never gotten around to it.  It got moved to the "this year" pile, which is currently a Rubbermaid container right outside the sewing room door, and which I have to walk past ever single day.  It's a pretty decent reminder, and there's a big part of me hoping that all the fabrics in it will be used up by the end of the year so I won't have to find a place in the sewing room for them.  Fingers crossed!  I added this as well:
which is 3 1/3 yards of a chiffon print.  It was an impulse buy, but isn't it lovely?  That could pretty much be the motto of the entire sewing room.

Today is Me Made Monday, but this time I was a bit ahead of myself.  This
 made its first appearance last night when we had friends over--which led to a little "fixing" today.  I hadn't finished the seams attaching the sleeves (for whatever reason) and they were unraveling quickly.  So I fixed that and also turned in the outer hem one more time because the jacket edges roll and the serging was obvious.  It was okay in general, but I think I'll look for better patterns for the fabrics I want to make light jackets out of.  The "quick" pattern from the internet required a lot of time to fix, and the jacket kept falling off my shoulders all night.  This
 is one of my favorite things I've ever made, and yes, the pattern requires more effort in layout and cutting, but it's a much better end result as well, and will be fabulous in the butterfly print.  I'm sure I have something similar for the smaller pieces I found recently.  And with the fabric stiffener and surgical tape to help with the pinning problems, it might be a LOT easier than the first one anyway. 

Yesterday was the first day of spring, and:
our forsythia is blooming!!!  It adds a nice touch to my sewing table, don't you think?