Sunday, April 13, 2014

Couldn't You Just Cry?

My favorite flannel pajama pattern is wrong on the yardage and layout. 

I discovered this the first time I used the pattern--even getting out a tape measure and doing the math to prove that their proposed layout doesn't work for anything except the extra-small and is wildly off for a medium--but had extra fabric so I was able to make it work.  So, when I bought the music and roses flannel, I planned for the error and bought extra yardage.  Five and a half yards, which is theoretically the amount I was able to make work last time.  And,
even breaking every sewing rule by flipping the back of the pattern, I can't figure out how I got it to work.  I double-checked this blog in case I'd left myself any helpful notes, but I didn't.  I am guessing that this fabric shrunk more than the other one did, because this did work somehow with the other fabric.  I have now made a note to always buy SIX yards of flannel for these blasted pajamas, but that doesn't help now.  

I felt it best to walk away, and now have an idea.  The extra 1/2 yard will allow me to cut out one sleeve easily.  For the second, I'm going to cut out the front and the back, dipping slightly into the seam allowance for the back.  That will leave me free to cut out the second sleeve with shortages only in the seam allowances, and after the first cut, I'll patch the fabric, then trim the patches into the right size for the blasted seam allowance in the first place.  Not perfect, but it will be a finished object.  I haven't tried this out or anything, but they are just pajamas and won't generally be seen in public.  Theo is on-hand for moral support,
which always helps, though I notice that the more frustrated I am, the closer he sleeps to the door.  There seem to be limits to kitty devotion.

The last two days have been harder on my back than anticipated, so I've been doing a fair bit of knitting on my WIPs, including the Alice Starmore sweater on size two needles, so I don't have anything to show for my efforts, but last night I started colorwork ornament number 16:

I am still pretty slow at these, so a few rows of colorwork make the size 2 needles look pretty good.  I am close to finishing the baby sweater, so I've set it aside for just a bit to work on some of the bigger WIPs.  The baby sweater is on big needles, I don't have to watch the chart, and it goes pretty quickly.  Not so much the case for any of the others, so I've set that aside as a bit of a carrot.  The Alice Starmore sweater is reaching the slowest point--I'm increasing for the sleeve gussets, so I'm adding stitches and every round takes longer and longer, so I might need a little incentive on this one.  Instead of steeks, she divides for the front and back in a few rows, and I think that one will start moving quicker.  Counting WIP rows is really helping move the projects forward, though I may need to alternate them with slightly faster projects, and ones that don't involve charts.  Unfortunately, none of the existing WIPs are simple or mindless knitting, which is sometimes necessary.  But tracking my rows lets me make a little progress every day--even when I have little to really show for it. 

And now that I've stalled long enough, it's time to cut out those blasted pajamas!  Wish me luck!