Sunday, August 4, 2013

Thinking Ahead For Next Year

I realize it's early--and even saying this will probably prompt the Knitting Gods to do something really hideous--but I think I'll be making my goal of 365 ornaments for the year.  I know--it's truly daring to say so this early, but I am just a bit ahead, and I'm more than half-way there and if worst comes to worst, I think I could still get there with the mitten ornaments or the machine embroidered ones.  I also cut out some more felt sugar cookie ornaments today, and I could always make more beaded hearts.  So, I think I'll get there. 

So............that leads me to think what sort of crazy goal I will be setting for myself for next year.  I enjoy crazy goals--they sort of takes the focus off of my crazy stash, and they push me in new directions.  Interestingly, I'm considering shooting for 100 finished projects again.  I know I've already done it, so I could bump it up and do 118 projects, which I haven't done.  Oddly, in both 2010 and 2011 I finished with 117 finished projects, so I know I can do that.  But could I do 118?  And, if I do another year of not buying anything, would 118 finished projects 1. be possible, and 2. visibly free up space in the sewing room.  With, of course, the continuation of the WIP marathon.

Ah, August--when a knitter's thoughts turn to pure insanity.......