Sunday, January 20, 2013

Three More!

My goal for my vacation week has been to sew every day.  Yesterday my back was very, very sore (thank you freezing weather), so it was "token" sewing:
but it was enough to keep my streak going, it made another ornament, and
it made someone VERY happy.  It is now traditional to never move my chair in the sewing room as there is almost always a cat body nearby.  I assume this will end as soon as it warms up and they're willing to go outside, but in the absence of backyard mouse-hunting, I am the best cat entertainment in the house.  Kind of makes me feel sorry for the cats, really......

I had started laying out the quilted ornaments,
but got stuck after two rounds of pieces because I didn't have any markings to line up the next round, which is idiotic, really, as nothing ELSE I've ever done quilting-wise has lined up perfectly and is unlikely ever to do so.  So last night once the martini numbed the back pain and the idiocy,
 I finished laying one out.  I'm using fusible webbing, so it's not technically sewing just yet, but this one is ready for a backing to be attached--which I didn't think was a spectacular idea after a martini.  So:
Incidentally, the long-tail cast on might be best for the tops of socks, but it is a REAL challenge after a martini.  I am SO ready for warm weather!

Thanks to martini therapy, I slept really well and have had a decent back day.  I finished the missing piece for the 3-D snowflake ornament, so I'm counting it as "finished."  They have to be sewn together, but that will make them a bit harder to store, so I'm going to wait a bit for that. 
I also made a new mitten ornament this morning:
and now I'm trying to decide if I'm up to cutting out the micro-suede tonight.  It's harder to work with, I'm still on pain pills, and am still probably a bit rusty as far as sewing goes, so I might try to pick out something a bit less tricky--maybe cotton?  Flannel?  Heaven knows, I have LOTS of options--lots and lots and LOTS of options..........