Saturday, February 23, 2019

It's Done!

And the quilt finally arrived at its new home last night.  I tried taking a picture of the finished quilt before packing it for shipping,
but I'm not as fast as Theo.  There are a lot of mistakes on this quilt, but it's done, the recipients love it almost as much as the cats did, and I really do love how it looks, errors and all. 

 When it was done,
I immediately started Andy's Valentine shirt, which didn't get completed for Valentine's Day, but I finished it before the end of February, so that counts as "on time" in our world.  We've had a leak in the roof, we're fighting with our lousy insurance (Farm Bureau, in case you need to know who never to use), had company visiting, and on top of all that, I had recently been contacted by a recruiter and after lots of chats and meetings, I'll be changing jobs shortly.  This will be my last week at my existing job, I'm taking 2 weeks off between, and start March 18.  I'm excited.  There's a lot of I've enjoyed about my existing job, but the problems of the company are just too extreme.  If the owner of the company doesn't hate his own salespeople, he gives a brilliant impression of doing so, and that permeates the company, so rather than helping bring in clients, the "support staff" are often more competition than my actual competition.  Technically, they won't pay me for my last week, but I am doing it to take care of my client in the final jobs I have, because no one else will.  

So, things have been just crazy here.  When shipping off the quilt, I dug out the socks I'd worked on during the move, only to discover that I hadn't really ever looked at them closely:
 The lower one is large enough to send to my friend, but the upper sock is a completely different size.  In working on these during the move and house selling/buying process, I didn't take good enough notes and will need to rip back the big one to make a second small sock because I am almost positive the extra yarn got thrown away.  Luckily the tan socks I just finished ARE the right size for my friend, but as he gets socks every year for his birthday,
 I cast on a new pair so that I am back to being one pair ahead.  It's just a generic sock recipe (which I'm thoroughly documenting), and makes good mindless knitting. 

This weekend we're expecting snow, so the cats and I started cutting 3 sets of fat quarters for spicy spiral runners:
 Each takes 8 colors, and it takes 4 sets of strips of each color to sew into "stratas," then those are cut using the wedge ruler to make the pieces to create the spirals, so they take twice the effort that most table runners do, but I love the results so much that they're worth it.  I'll be using my vacation to do some serious sewing, so I hope to have lots of finished project to share soon.