Friday, April 22, 2016

Maybe a Finishing Friday

This was an exhausting week at work.  Good, but exhausting.  I was back in the main store 2 days for piano training, and the other two days in my store, I sold two pianos--bringing me to three total.  Guess that was good training.  The fun this is, selling pianos is like working at an animal shelter.  I really  like the people who bought them, and I'm so excited about the pianos finding good homes--it's just the most fun thing ever. I didn't get a picture of the first two pianos, but this
found a home on Wednesday.  Thank heavens.  This beauty only arrived in my store on Monday and I was already trying to justify two pianos in our house.  However, it is going to have three little girls to love it and I get to have it in the store for three more days before it goes to its forever home.  Win-win.

Yesterday was the second full day of training on pianos, and when we took a lunch break, I was just feeling so overwhelmed that I dropped in to the Bernina dealership because I just needed to be around fabric or yarn.  Luckily (depending on how you look at it), I still haven't used the fabric I bought there on my last visit, so I was good and only came home with these
which I'm hoping will work for the two current table runner designs.  I was remarkably proud of myself for such restraint.  Now that we have two incomes again, it could have been ugly.

If you're surprised that the Begonia shawl isn't finished yet, let's just take a minute to recall how freakishly wide the edge of a shawl really is:
The cast-off used in the pattern isn't stretchy enough when I do it, so I had to rip back and start over, but even after all this, I still have all this
to work through.  Which explains why
 I would be going for a little instant-gratification today:
It's been so long since I embroidered that I forgot the top stabilizer for the first towel and had to pin it on.  And it took two tries to get my embroidery designs loaded to my card
though I seriously think the first try was a computer error.  For the towels, I'm using the designs in blue--they're a new one color design set I bought in March and haven't used yet.  I loaded one other towel design and some free-standing lace ornaments.  That should keep me busy for a while.  And I swear I'm not doing this just to finish something today, though it does help..............