Saturday, July 27, 2013

Day 208.........

Being summer, the first thing I did this morning was
I am a pickle fanatic, and for the last two years we've had a dismal cucumber crop, so I've been growing a bit concerned about our pickle supply.  Commercial pickles contain food dyes, so to me it's worth the effort to make our own, but it does get hot.  Thank heavens for air conditioning.

This afternoon, staying out of both the kitchen and the garden, I finished the two in-progress heart ornaments,

and made two new stocking ornaments:
Can you tell that I love this design for a stocking?  Beads, sparkly trim--what's not to love?  Especially as these bring me to 219 ornaments on day 208, so I am 11 ornaments ahead.  Thank heavens--the tomato canning is coming....................