Monday, May 25, 2009

Never Start a Project While On Pain Killers my last post I blithely mentioned making the tablecloth 10 squares by 18 squares. Now, I'd like to think that in normal circumstances it would have dawned on me that 10 times 18 would mean 180 squares, but in this case, it did not. It didn't hit me until last night. 180 squares!!! I don't even have the material for that (Dana, I might be buying your material after all), and considering I've made something like 70 blocks now, I may not have the strength.

Sure, I love how it looks, but 180!!!!!!

Aside from washcloths, I have been knitting the shawl for my mother's retirement (a year ago now):It's making progress, and I was just beginning to get frustrated thinking I should have used up at least one 440 yard ball of lace yarn by now, when it dawned on me--this yarn is in 880 yard skeins. In fact, I specifically bought it BECAUSE of the larger skeins because it meant fewer joins.

Really, I swear I did not have a lobotomy when I went in for surgery. It just seems like I did.....