Tuesday, December 16, 2014

And It Hasn't Been A Whole Week!

Is everyone else having this sort of December? 

The remaining packages were shipped off last night, and with that, most of the wrapping is done as well.  Or at least it feels like it as I can dawdle a bit on the gifts we can hand-deliver.  Christmas cards are in-progress and I think I only have 2 parties to attend this week--so far at least.  Ho! Ho! Ho!

This morning that darn cat Theo woke me up at 2:00 AM because he was feeling lonely and in need of a cuddle, and I couldn't get back to sleep.  I have never been able to nap, but Theo, after a busy night of keeping the humans awake, slept most of the day--in spite of me waking him up regularly just to retaliate.  (I might be a little cranky when I only get 4 hours of sleep.......)  Such days are not the days for high-mental-function projects, so
there are two new mitten ornaments.  I haven't made many of these this year.  But we've given away almost all the wooden ornaments Andy made, and all of the kimono ornaments that didn't go on our own trees, so the gift supply needed a boost.

 look!  It's YET ANOTHER pair of socks.  I didn't buy this yarn though--one of my friends who is learning to knit had originally tried starting to learn on a sock, which didn't really work out.  Finally, she brought the yarn over here and asked if I could make the socks for her as she's working on simpler (actually beginner-friendly) sorts of projects right now.  So, while I don't have to ADD the yarn to the stash, it doesn't count as coming OUT of the stash either, but I am encouraging another knitter, so stash tally vs. world domination.  It works out.

Speaking of stash, I dug these out today:
They're mostly fingering-weight yarns, and I started with the idea that moving bins around in the sewing room is probably not overly back-friendly and since I was digging out the fingering bin, I wanted to not need to do it again for a while.  BUT, seeing this nice little bag of yarn made me think, "If I used up all this yarn, I'd know exactly how much yarn has been removed from the stash."  This, of course, was the theory behind some of the "basket dashes" I hosted on Ravelry--and which I was not even very good at--but I thought it might be worth another try.  So,
 the first yarn is in progress as I type!  Okay, barely, but we who have scary stashes must cling to what we can.  One of my friends had a baby girl TODAY, and while I do actually (hopefully) already have a baby sweater in the gift bin and while this would be spectacularly lousy timing otherwise, I was really motivated to knit a baby sweater or two.  If it will use up stash, I'm up for anything (well, except moderation or giving yarn away.........let's not get stupid)  So it might happen this time........

And, because I am a crafter and therefore obligated to do really stupid things in December,
I did start two new fall table runners today.  The first one:
 is off to its new owner later this week.  On it, I used fusible interfacing to stabilize the squares to embroider.  The design still pulled a little, so on the next one (far right above) I used regular stabilizer and they pulled a LOT and I actually had to trim the blocks by 1/4-inch just to get them square again.  So the next two are going to be pieced, then I'll try either fusible fleece or regular sew-in interfacing as the batting for the entire project, using whichever one as stabilizer.  We'll see how this works.  I don't actually need to get them done before Christmas as I have other things lined up, but they would make lovely gifts..............

A crafter who CREATES December deadlines when she doesn't really need to????  I need help...........