Friday, February 13, 2015


Thanks everyone!  If you didn't notice, I am more than a little thrilled with the first table-runner top.  I was questioning my fabric choices all through the sewing of the 96 strips, and it's a relief to see how well they work.   Now I need to mark the edges for trimming and then move on to backing and batting, but so far I've been tidying and vacuuming most of the morning.  Let's pretend like you can notice a difference:
So far I haven't found any fabric that I didn't know I had, but some of it isn't in my project book, so I've been adding as I go.  Boy, do I have a lot of projects ahead of me!  Maybe I should just lock myself in the sewing room for a month and see how I do....

I have the first blocks cut out of the red and white projects, and have been playing with layouts:
It seems I could have controlled the orientation of the blocks, because I have 2 sets of 4 and 2 sets of 6, but now that I have a mix of both, I'm going to continue to work with both directions.  I have to say, I could play with these for hours.  Of course, the problem is going to be that they don't all end up perfectly balanced once you try for any wider than this, so my love of symmetry is in for a rude awakening, or I'm in for some short table runners. 

Calisto, who is suddenly NOT afraid of the vacuum after 11 years of terror, is my sidekick today.  If she couldn't hear a can of catfood being opened at 100 paces, I'd think she'd just gone deaf. Of course, she needed a little lift to get up there.
Fair enough.  I doubt I can jump that high anymore either..........