Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ready for 2013!!!!!!!!

It's hot, it's smoky, it's dry--so I'm of course thinking about Christmas.  More specifically, Christmas ornaments. 

I'm VERY excited about 2013 and trying for 365 ornaments.  I really want to push myself to try new things, so they won't all be knitted mittens or felt mittens--I need to branch out to at least SOMETHING besides mittens.  Growing up, my mother made lots of felt ornaments, and I've always wanted to try them, but just haven't ever gotten to anything besides mittens.  So when a sale came along online:
There's only 6 of them (thank heavens), but they're cute and certainly things I couldn't come up with without help.  The cutting lines are printed on them:
which is probably going to be the most challenging part, but I do have one year.  And valium.

I also bought:
 a beaded cross stitch ornament, which I debated about--believe me--but I think I could do this in one year.
There are beads involved--which is always crazy-motivating--and it's small.  VERY key point.  Even better, there's only ONE.

I also had my one planned dismount for the year, as I wanted some new sparkly yarns for the Christmas bin.  This is the find I'm most excited about:
 but these are nice too:
 They're all sparkly and were all on sale.  Last year I made the mistake of trying to find Christmas yarns around Christmas time--I know!  What could I have been thinking????  So this year I was ready, was able to get them on sale, and was able to buy new colors without going insane.  Interestingly, craft yarn doesn't excite the Stashing Monster.  While it was nice to have a package arrive, I had a harder time limiting myself to only one felt ornament kit than limiting the yarn.  I think it might be because I have always kept some craft yarns on hand for Christmas stockings, because they've been my go-to wedding gift for at least 15 years now, so it's just sort of accepted.  It used to be exclusively Red Heart crappy acrylic, which would excite no one, but I've added slightly nicer yarns since then, but only as I ran out or legitimately didn't have a color, so I've never had the wild "this-will-make-me-happy" feelings about Christmas yarn.  AND it seems to be the one area of my stash where I'm always more excited about the finished object than the yarn.  This isn't cool yarn in my stash--these are ornaments that will be on my tree by Christmas 2013!!!!!! 

At least that makes me a yarn-obsessed-stasher with discriminating taste..........