Monday, May 9, 2011

The Best Laid Plans.....

So, I thought I would run a few errands around town, then drive Jeeves down to the repair guy 142 miles away.  I had even stopped to pick up an audio book to listen to during the 3+ hour round trip drive, and had even driven about 30 miles when I decided to stop for coffee.  About this time, the starter on my car also decided to stop, but not so much for coffee.  Luckily, this was at a truck stop, and after two attempts to jump start the car which ruled out a dead battery, two very nice men were able to give me enough of a push so I could start the car that way (thank heavens my car is a manual transmission, or my car and I would still be at the truck stop, but I would have probably have moved on from coffee to hard liquor or whatever one can get at truck stops).  Knowing that I would never get my car restarted unless I made a point of always parking on steep hills (which Twin Falls is spectacularly devoid of), I called my mechanic and said I was on my way back to Boise, and could I just drive it straight to them.  Then I called Andy to explain that I now had a broken sewing machine AND broken car, and would he please come pick me up from the mechanic's before I broke anything else.

Being in no way at all like Holland's, when I arrived, they didn't try to tell me that the car simply wasn't starting because I was probably daft enough to be using the wrong key, or assume I was lying about my car not starting, or claim that I was using the wrong type of fuel.  Instead, they listened nicely, asked some clarifying questions, and had even called to tell me that it was indeed the starter and that they could have it fixed--and warrantied--by tomorrow morning before we had even reached our house.  (Mountain View Service for anyone in the Boise area--there just simply isn't a better mechanic anywhere)  Now, I realize this mechanic's shop is perhaps one of those rare places that just deliver excellence over and over again and perhaps raise the bar for everyone else, but in the last year--in those 4 trips to Holland's to try to get Jeeves fixed--Holland's has not once asked me a single question.  When they haven't recreated the problem, they have never called to ask any details to see if there was something else they might try to get it to happen--nope, they just assume I am a total idiot who can manage to do such a poor job hooping my embroidery that I can get 3 of the same design to shift in exactly the same place every single time because I am using the wrong freakin' stabilizer.  They didn't ask where I got the design that I told them was a Husqvarna design--they just accused me of lying about it.  What a total difference in how I'm being treated.  And yet the sewing repair people have more to lose because there are accessories and upgrades that I could buy, whereas my mechanic just has to wait until something breaks, which doesn't happen very often as I have a Toyota Corolla and the thing will run forever.  You know, like I had hoped Jeeves would.

So, the Twin Falls dealer and I have worked out that I will try again when he is back from his daughter's graduation and I have both time for a not-very-scenic-drive AND a working car, and we'll see if all of this is just incompetence on Holland's part.  Considering the new dealer has already asked lots of questions, I'd say there are some really good odds there.

And in the meantime, Andy has asked that I not touch anything else mechanical in the next 24 hours, just in case................


I'd like to say that I got lots of things done on Finishing Friday, but I was too angry with Holland's Sew Shoppe to really focus on anything.  I'll be taking Jeeves to the other dealer this afternoon, and when HE finds the problem, I'll be reporting that to the BBB.  I don't know what--if anything--the Better Business Bureau will really do to them.  I've always sort of believed in the back of my mind that they are the champions of the consumer, but I've also known that one of the most unethical businesses I have ever encountered (and I can say this because I worked for them for a few months) has been a member for years and has an excellent rating.  So, I guess we'll find out.  BUT, no one I know will ever do business with that company again, and that's a fair number of people.

I thought it best to avoid sewing in any form, so I dug out my Stash Dash basket,
and have now (as of last night) finally finished that monster 880-yard skein on the shawl:
Whoo hoo!  As much as I love really big hanks of yarn for lace so there are fewer ends to have to splice, they do get a bit demoralizing after a while.  Interestingly, while I included this IN the stash-dash basket, I did not include the second skein, so I've decided to follow my own rules and have moved on to the other projects.  That feels sort of odd, but it wasn't hard to talk myself into making another 100-yard chemo cap over jumping into another 880-yard hank of laceweight.  Call me crazy.

There's not likely to be a lot of crafting happening here in the next week and a half, as we have company coming this weekend and there's going to be some mad cleaning/organizing going on around here--which probably also means that I'll be "tidying" myself into my own private little on-going scavenger hunt for the next year and a half........