Monday, August 6, 2012

Ravellenics - Day 11

Bob:  We're here at Day 11 of the 2012 Ravellenic Games.  It's been a fierce competition so far--but with 6 days left, it's impossible to predict the final outcome.  Will the WIPs get Wrestled?  Will the hats be dashed? 

Ron:  I think we're all on the edges of our seats here, Bob.  Ms. Sutton is showing progress on the second sleeve of the purple shrug, and could be turning in another wrestled WIP any day.  With 4 projects completed or frogged and 5 remaining--with 6 medals already awarded--we could see Ms. Sutton buckle down surprise us with a record number of wrestled WIPs. 

Bob:  Or we could see her run screaming from the room as we did with the Yoke-Collar Pullover incident.  I think even in a seasoned knitlete, things can go either way in the last days of the games.   

Ron:  Very true, Bob.  In the 1990s we saw early knitlete Ivanna Pearl crack under the strain of the Cobweb Lace Luge and start knitting fancy hats for her 3 cats.  After heavy sedation, months of intense therapy, and a tetanus shot, she was able to return for the 1992 games, but only in dk weights or larger and under the supervision of her doctor and veterinarian.  

Bob:  And in the 1984 games, three-time sweater triathlon champion, Mel A. Brago, was temporarily lost in the massive shoulder-pads of that year's sweater and was unable to be located for three days.  When found, she was pale, slightly emaciated, and unable to bear the sight of parachute pants ever again--a rather common tragedy at that fashionistically-challenged time.  

Ron:  It was indeed, Bob--almost as common as what became known as the "Lime Pom-Pom Poncho Tremors" of the 1960s and 1970s.  I believe that one was often incurable and left the sufferer forever unable to knit acrylic yarns, wear bell-bottom pants, or see avocado appliances without trembling.  Truly tragic. 

Bob:  It was indeed, Ron.  Thank heavens this year's knitletes have all been inoculated against the most invasive knitting diseases of this era:  Fun Fur Frenzies, Novelty Nasties, and the ever-invasive Red Heart Rash.  We hope to see this year's games conclude without any yarny-epidemics.

Ron:  We do indeed, Bob, but we are certainly keeping a close eye on things here at the Wide World of Wool.  Keep it tuned here for ALL the latest yarn-breaking updates.