Wednesday, February 8, 2017


Here it is, February 8, and I'm just now finding time to sit down and upload some pictures.

Last week I went up to visit my parents for a few days.  They're having an even worse winter at the ranch than we are,
and these were taken 2 snowstorms ago.  I actually came back early to beat one of them.

We've also been dealing with this:
Thanks to the snow load, our back porch roof is pulling away from the house now, and dealing with contractors in Idaho is a tricky thing as they don't have to be licensed or have any sort of qualifications, so you have to find one via referral if you don't want a disaster.  I'm beginning to really hate snow, and was really hoping that yesterday's snow would melt off by itself.
 Instead, I got to shovel a bunch of really heavy and wet slush-snow late in the afternoon, as well as clearing the gutter because our next door neighbor--even though she's actually helped CLEAR them of snow--continues to shovel the snow off her sidewalks straight INTO the gutter, which had created a nice ice dam and flooding of our driveway by the time I was out there.  We're going cross-country skiing or snowshoeing this weekend, but honestly I'd be a lot more excited if there were somewhere we could go visit green grass right now.  :)

We've also had some disturbing news.  Boise is now one of the 5 finalists for the horrible F35 jets training ground, and if selected, 105 homeowners will be forced to sell their homes because the noise level will essentially condemn the area, and our house will be in a loud enough area to be completely and utterly miserable--not to mention the impact on our already problematic air quality issues.  We'll find out within 2-3 months if Boise is one of the 2 preferred sites or one of the 2 "acceptable" sites, but we've been talking a lot about this anyway, and we've decided to expand my job search to Oregon as a step to moving.  We love our friends here and the house, but the job market is sad at best and the only reason we've been able to stay this long is because Andy is telecommuting, and if we have to move anyway, we won't stay in Idaho.  So, it is entirely possible that I'll be having to pack up and move the stash!  THAT is a sobering thought.  Needless to say, I've been knitting MUCH faster,
and I think the sleeves are getting close to the cap shaping.  The pattern says to make the sleeves 18.5 inches before shaping the sleeve cap and armhole, but I have really long arms and from the highest point in my armpit to my wrist is 18 inches, so I'm thinking something more along the lines of 16 inches.  Guess a day of measuring sleeve lengths for my best-fitting sweaters is in order. 

I've also, under close supervision,
 made progress on the flannel shirt,
 embroidered several towels with some of my new embroidery designs:
 and I'm trying a new brand of towels I found on Amazon that received high marks as embroidery blanks. 
And if I embroider really quickly, I don't have to find room for the remains of the 12-pack.  Plus that pesky 100-projects goal thing.  

I've also completed 2 new table runner tops,
and I think I'm going to use the remaining triangles for two small runners like this:
and 2 trivets/whatever.   That would use all the triangles without requiring any more, which quite honestly NEVER happens.  Did I mention it's my year to make gifts?

 I've also cast on for a new Begonia Swirl scarf/shawl.
The swirl makes them really great to wear, and I do have a rather large amount of lace yarn, so anything that makes a good portable project is good.  I have a LOT of yarn to get through........