Saturday, March 9, 2019

End of the First Week

One week of vacation gone, one to go, and I'm feeling pretty good about it.  I'm excited about the new job, so I'm not dreading the end of vacation, but I'm enjoying my time off enough that I'm not restless enough to be distracted and prowling. 

While Theo helped prewash fabrics,
Venus has been helping me with quilting the dragonfly quilt,
 while Valentino enjoyed making gift bags:
In spite of With their help, I now have 6 finished gift bags,
and a new appreciation of kitty nap time:
They're so cute when they're not helping....

When using fat quarter sets for the Spicy Spiral runners, there's a bit of fabric left over from each set,
but in differing amounts, so it's not terribly useful for much else, but Andy really liked the brown fabric set, so yesterday I made a new rope bowl for his office:
I think it's my first attempt at this shape, and I'm really pleased with how well it turned out:
The zigzag stitch was close enough together to make the bowl stiff, but not so close together that it's distracting.  I'm going to use one of the purple sets for a bowl for my new desk. 

The good news is that I actually have the fat quarter sets organized enough to know where they are.  The bad news is, it still didn't stop me from having another set that I knew nothing about:
 To be fair, these make great special gifts and I the colors are great, neutral colors that can go almost anywhere,
 unlike the other set that I did know about, but I think we can see why I'm back on the fabric wagon for a good, long while............

I do want to finish some new clothes before starting my new job, so I've cut out a new chiffon jacket out of a fun little heart print I found on clearance,
 applied stiffener to yet another fabric I bought for the same pattern,
 (when I get tired of wearing these jackets, I'll let you know), and in the most exciting news,
 started sewing a shirt I'd cut out in 2015.  This was the last silky fabric I cut out before learning of fabric stiffener, so I believe I was so traumatized but cutting out fabric that slid all over the place that it was promptly dumped into a box (thankfully, with the pattern envelope and instructions) and set aside until I could face it again.  This is the second time I've used this pattern, and it took something like 8 YEARS between starting and finishing the last one, so this time it's positively speedy.......