Friday, February 11, 2011

Warning, This Post May Be Hazardous For Those With Certain Heart Conditions

You may wish to sit down, as this might come as quite a shock.  Meet Finished Project number 19:

which still needs buttons because I'm still debating about what sort of buttons to use.
 I like the pinkish buttons, but I only have 6 of them and I need 8, and while I have enough of the rose-shaped buttons, I want to see if I can find something that matches better, using the roses as back-up if necessary.

And.....seriously, are you sitting down yet?  Meet Finished Project number 20:
Fleur is finally done!!!!!!  Forgive the lousy picture--three years at the bottom of the knitting basket gives sweaters a LOT of wrinkles, so it still needs to be washed and blocked, but after more than 3 years, the thing is finally done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

See, I told you it would be quite a shock.  Let's be honest here--did you even think I would ever finish Fleur after all this time?