Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Where I've Been

My father has been in the hospital with a staph infection, and our house has been turned into a family hotel for the past week now, so things have been hectic.  He's going to be fine now, but it will take some recovery time.  The stress of having permanent house guests, a parent in the hospital, the driving (he started out in a different hospital and was moved down here), and too much sitting has demolished my back, so I'm back to where I was in February I think.  So, it's been stressful around here.  Luckily, he's out of danger now and really mending quickly, so at least that part of the stress is gone. 

The socks have been great hospital knitting:
and I'm nearing the heel on the second sock.

Yesterday I had a little bit of quiet time (known around here lately as time with drugs on the heating pad), so I tried out some of the new Christmas yarn:
It's so soft!  All the other Christmas glitter acrylic yarns are pretty scratchy, or at least not soft, but this one is fun to work with--or as much fun as any yarn with a metallic thread can be.  I love the look, but there is definitely a huge difference in yarns on HOW they add the metallic thread.  This one was lousy.  The Bernat holiday yarns are pretty good.  Still, I love the sparkle, and am getting more excited about next year's Ornament Adventure.

Why is it that I want to shop when I get stressed?  I haven't purchased anything--thank heavens--but I did have to get a friend to intervene when I found myself with THREE cross-stitch kits in an on-line shopping cart.   She rightly pointed out that purchasing ANY cross stitch kits--much less three--was a sign that the stress was DEFINITELY getting to me.  I shut down the computer, hid my visa, and bribed myself with:
It's Alice Starmore's Cape Cod, which I have been lusting after forever, but was putting off because it would take so long (fingering weight yarn on size TWO needles) and really not helpful in the year of 12 12s, but in order to stop more cross stitch kits from entering this house, I will do ANYTHING.  I don't plan to give up on my 12 sweaters, but I am willing to admit that this is probably not going to be one of them.  Still, it's on circular needles, and might even make good portable knitting.  And it's not cross stitch!  I am in love with it already.